Striker Systems is pleased to announce our Striker Systems Competitive Upgrade Program. As a leading developer of sheet metal CAD/CAM and nesting solutions, we understand the lifecycle of manufacturing software. The product that once seemed the obvious choice no longer supports the growth strategy of your organization.

Does your current CAD/CAM solution require you to maintain a legacy operating system such as Windows 7 that opens you up to unnecessary security risks? Or perhaps the cost to upgrade your current solution is difficult to justify. There may be numerous reasons that you need to change your current CAD/CAM software.
“We operate numerous CAD/CAM products from different vendors to support multiple CNC machines and we need to consolidate.”

“Our CAD/CAM software vendor is no longer in business and we have no access to technical support and no upgrade path.”

“We’ve migrated our engineering department to a 3D modeling solution and our current CAD/CAM and nesting software does not integrate well.”

“Our computer systems are all being upgraded and our CAD/CAM software doesn’t support the newest operating system.”

“We’re implementing the scheduling module of our ERP software and need it to drive our nesting production.”

“We’re adding a new punch or laser with automation and our current CAD/CAM software doesn't support it.”

“We just aren’t automated enough. CNC programming is becoming our bottleneck.”

Or maybe you’ve just purchased your first cutting or punching machine and need a scalable software solution that can grow with your business. If you’re considering a purchase of sheet metal fabrication software we invite you to explore Striker Systems. And with our Striker Systems Competitive Upgrade Promotion the timing has never been better!

What are the savings?

Discounts starting at 25% for purchases of qualifying products and services up to $15,000 and 30% for purchases over $15,000.

What products & services are eligible for Striker Systems Competitive Upgrade discounts?

All STRIKER CAD/CAM software modules along with training and technical support services are eligible for discounts.

How long is this promotion valid?

Competitive Upgrade promotion is valid through April 30, 2020. This is a limited time promotion, so act now!

Why Striker Systems?

At Striker Systems, we are experts in migrating production from obsolete and underperforming CAD/CAM products to our cutting edge fabrication solutions. With over three decades of experience, our team can outline and implement a comprehensive CAD/CAM and nesting solution that not only addresses your current production requirements, but also provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your future demands.

How can I learn more?

Contact Striker Systems at 1-800-950-7862 or to speak to one of our sales team members. We’ll give you our assessment as to how Striker CAD/CAM can improve production in your organization. If you like, we can then arrange a software demonstration that focuses on your specific needs.